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What you need to do to find your calling

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Angela Duckworth, a professor of psychology and author of the world bestselling book Fortitude, believes that if you still haven’t found your calling, try hard in a variety of areas and you will find it.

Duckworth, in her research, studying the completed questionnaires of athletes, musicians, artists, noted that their path to their favorite business was not always direct. Many of them have tried themselves in various fields. Some athletes-swimmers first jumped long, ran short and long distances, even boxed.

There is another way – a person is drawn to something from childhood, at every opportunity he tries to return to his favorite pastime, he practices in it, and as a result either successfully combines in other areas in which he succeeded, or completely goes into it.

Duckworth recommends trying a variety of activities to develop perseverance and search for what you love. This will help develop a habit of work, a person will have new skills that will not be wasted. When a person finally finds his true calling, he will come to him mature, strong, and will gladly give him all his strength and skills.

The role of talent in our lives is greatly exaggerated. To understand why talent is not the main thing, and what will help develop toughness, be sure to read “The Essential Quality of Successful People” with the key ideas of the book by Angela Duckworth!

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