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This company helps with increasing milk production in dairy cows

There are numerous ways for increasing milk production in dairy cows, but the main way is to improve the health and welfare of your animals. Dairy cows have a rather demanding time during the calving period. Their calcium supplies rapidly decrease while feeding the calves, even though they need enough nutrients for their own health as well.

Explore the different product ranges to find a suitable supplement for your cattle

Thanks to years of extensive research and state-of-the-art development programs, Kimtec International has developed three product ranges with palatable feed supplements. These supplements have one goal: increasing milk production in dairy cows. All of their feed supplements are made palatable thanks to the renewing Masktech technique. It is possible to use the most effective nutrients whilst maintaining high palatability for your cattle. This maximizes the effect of the feed supplements. But which product range suits your needs best? You can find a summary about every product from their range here:

  • NPN-SR: this feed supplements consists of a non-protein nitrogen source that gradually distributes in the rumen over time. In other words: slow release. This leads to a stable pH value in your dairy cows’ rumen.
  • KatAn: a series of coated palatable anionic salts to reduce calcium deficiency while maintaining the DMI of your dairy cows.
  • ProGlyc: a prophylaxis made palatable with the Masktech technique. It helps with increasing the production of milk in your dairy cows. 

Do not hesitate to contact these experts for more information

Would you like to receive more information on ways for increasing milk production in dairy cows? The experts over at Kimtec International are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Discover new ways to improve the yields of your company whilst simultaneously looking after the welfare of your animals. Schedule an appointment with one of the employees from Kimtec International. You can find the contact information on their website. Send them an email or give them a call.