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Save costs and maximize space with double deck trailer transport

Thanks to the global consumers’ market, more and more goods are transported across country borders each day. This is made possible by experienced transportation companies who help businesses with organizing and carrying out the necessary transports. However, despite the healthy competition, transportation cost can still rack up rather highly. To minimize costs for your business, it is vital to maximize the available space in trucks. That is exactly what the Dutch Blankers Transport does by a employing double deck trailer.

Transport more goods with a double deck trailer

As its name indicates, a double deck trailer holds not one, but two decks for transporting goods. Consequently, a double deck trailers offers approximately twice the loading capacity of a regular truck and trailer. How it works? First, the top deck is loaded and then lifted out of the way. This makes room for the second deck to be loaded. Once that is done, both decks are carefully lowered and goods are compressed slightly. This maximizes all the available space. As such, by using a double deck trailer, you need only one truck to transport your goods across Europe, rather than two. This not only saves you a lot of money on transportation, but also benefits the environment thanks to the reduction of harmful emissions.


Get in touch to organize your transport

Blankers Transport is equipped with a fleet of over 40 vehicles, including more than one double deck trailer. In fact, the majority of the fleet consists of these specialized double deck trailers. Moreover, all trucks are equipped with a BV3 alarm system, to guarantee the safety of your goods during transport, and with a route tracking system to keep you updated on the location of your transport and its ETA. Do you have goods you wish to transport across Europe in a double deck trailer? In that case, do not hesitate to get in touch with Blankers Transport. They are happy to organize a speedy and safe transport for your business!