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Order metallized paper and films from this experienced supplier

Venoflex is an experienced and specialised metallized paper supplier that sells and delivers their products to companies throughout Europe. They focus mainly on companies in the United Kingdom. You can contact this supplier for high quality metallized paper and film. They do everything to provide their customers with the right products that fits their needs. Through the combination of years of experience and their excellent service, this is always possible at this supplier. They offer their customers various options when it comes to ordering different products.

Quality products and fast delivery

You can order metallized paper and films from this metallized paper supplier. They ensure that you are always assured of the highest quality and a comprehensive service. To ensure the quality of their products, they cooperate with a number of renowned companies in the packaging industry. They have carefully selected these partners themselves. You have the possibility to buy metallized films with low oxygen permeability as well as metallized and holographic paper. All their products are supplied from their own stock. This way they guarantee their customers a quick delivery and your work will never come to a halt. It also allows them to guarantee the quality of their products.

Request more information about their products

If you want to be sure of getting the best products, it pays to contact one of Venoflex’s employees. This metallized paper supplier only supplies premium products, such as polyester, polypropylene and nylon. If you are interested in ordering their products, their experts are always ready to help you. On the website of this specialist, you can find more information about the different products in their range. You will also find more information about the specifications. Of course, their staff are also available to answer your questions. You can easily contact them via the contact details on the website.