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Most profitable retail businesses

Around entrepreneurship hangs a cloud of promise.


Starting your own business means:


Setting your own times.

Working on something you find interesting.

Showcasing your skills and talents.

Building something – something that can continue to grow indefinitely.

Working wherever you want.

And maybe earn a whole lot more than you would as an employee.

According to a survey by Hessels, 85% of the workforce finds entrepreneurship an attractive career path.


Although 85% find it interesting, only 5% are in the process of starting their own business.


What is holding people back?



Lack of finances.

Lack of knowledge, training or qualities.

Not enough knowledge about starting a business.

Haven’t found a good idea or concept yet.

No time.

Fear. What if it doesn’t work out? What if it succeeds? Can I handle that responsibility?

The step is too big for most people.


At least, so they think.


Can you start your own business without risk?



That’s what we’re going to discuss in this, rather extensive essay.


For several reasons:


You can pay your bills without worry and start your business from relative peace. You are then more creative, dare to take more risks and choose more often for the long term.

You can test multiple entrepreneurial ideas.

You work with focus. If you can do a few hours of business each week, you also make sure that you spend those hours as effectively and productively as possible.

You can ask colleagues and even your boss for advice (at least, if you’re not directly competing with them).

And if you’re starting out, you don’t need your own office right away either. Or the latest gadgets. You also don’t need to hire a professional web designer right away. You can build a pretty nice site yourself pretty quickly (we’ll discuss that in a moment).


Starting your own business from homeBusiness from home

And no.


You don’t have to write a big formal business plan either.


However, you do need to know three things:

What will my product be? What problem am I going to solve?

Who will be my target market? For whom am I solving the problem?

How do I get the target audience to my business/product? Where can they be found?

Starting your own business ideas

A good business idea has three characteristics:


You are interested in the topic and/or you are good at solving the problem.

There is a need for a solution to the problem.

People want to pay for a solution to the problem.

For coming up with ideas, it is smart to come up with as many ideas as possible first and only then review the ideas.


Here more than 16 ideas for your own business

What to start your own business in?

The niche doesn’t have to be a passion of yours – passion is overrated, but you do need to have a reasonably strong interest in the topic.


Now and also in 5 years. A lack of curiosity in the subject is one reason startups fail. This is because stamina is one of the important factors for success, and it’s hard to stick with something if you don’t find the subject that interesting and money is your only motivation.


Start thinking broadly.


What kinds of things do I enjoy? What do you spend your free time on?

What skills does your free time consist of. And don’t think literally about what you do then – like bowling for example, but what is behind that (what is better bowling made of? Optimization? Perfectionism?)

What kind of role do I take on – at work, with friends etc.

What are my interests?

What am I good at? Why?

And what is the need for? What does one buy? Who does one hire?

Then think more and more specifically. For example: Coaching for job interviews. Men’s clothing for 30-somethings who have office jobs. Developing application forms.


Try to gather as many ideas as possible first.

Pay attention to:


What do you like? What are your interests?

What are you good at?

What are you willing to pay for?

You then have three circles (interest, skills and needs). In the ideal situation, you find an idea that belongs in each circle. That’s the jackpot.


After that, do the math as well. How many people need to pay what amount of money to produce a normal or acceptable income? And does the target group want to pay that amount to solve the problem?




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