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Long range RFID can make gated communities safer, here’s how

Life felt much safer years ago. People slept with their doors unlocked and security systems were mostly in buildings belonging to big companies. Unfortunately, times changed and we all know that danger is lurking in every corner. Security is valued quite a bit more now and that is why gated communities are created. Gated communities give the sentiment of safety at all times. People feel safer in communities like these, but not all gated communities offer the same level of security. One of the areas that needs the most security is the entrances and exits of the gated community. And a long range RFID system is a technology that can offer the utmost protection in that area.


Long range RFID explained

Long range RFID, or radio frequency identification, is a technological system that is great for aiding in access control. This high tech system can be very beneficial for gated communities, as access control is rarely taken seriously in many of those neighborhoods. The components of the RFID system consists of the reader, the tag, and the antenna. The tag gets attached to the vehicle with permitted access to the location and once they are up to 30 feet away from the reader and the antenna, which will both be at the entrances and exits, the gates will open up automatically.  


With the radio frequency identification system, only the vehicles that have the long range RFID tags can get access to the gated community. So if there are any intruders wanting to get in, they will have trouble doing so.


Reasons why gated communities should all have a long range RFID

Getting a long range RFID installed in your gated community can bring a lot of comfort and trust in your security. The advantages it will bring you include:

  • An upgraded security: Criminals or other misfits will have a hard time trying to disturb the peace in a gated community with long range RFID. 

  • Less traffic congestion: The long range RFID tags can keep track of any activity of the vehicles inside and near the outside of the community. As soon as you are near an entrance or exit, you want have to wait to be let in and there won’t be any lines for you to wait and be checked out.