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Dying your favorite shoes

Sometime your old leather shoes have had their glory days behind them. But you don’t quite feel like getting rid of them yet? If you feel like this you can always have a go at painting them! Painting your leather shoes is not difficult at all. And luckilly it also doesn’t take up a lot of time. Usually you can be done with it after a couple of hours.

But when you start painting be prepaired! Beforehand you need to keep the leather absolutely clean. With leather dye from Angelus you have the best shoe dye in your house there is!

On most furniture the leather becomes old when the sun shines directly onto it. Its becomes dry and starts to crack a bit. The leather is made to last a long time. But still after some years this is bound to happen. But when this occours you won’t need to buy an entire new couch. You can simply give it a repaint.

The painting of a pair of shoes is actually very easy to do. You can do it without basic experience. But be aware: the area in which you want to paint, should have good and proper ventilation. The ventilation of the room in which you paint needs to be good. If it’s not, then you could have a nasty experience with the fumes that come from the paint. These fumes are quite toxic. So it is wise to first have everything ventilated or maybe to paint outside of the house to be on the save side. Also it is smart to have your shoes in a box when you paint. This is because you can paint without having to worry about dripping on the floor. Also keep the leather clean with a deglazer. If you don’t do this the paint won’t stick to the surface.